The Flower Picker

I've always been touched by this image. It was totally candid. A moment just before a wedding was to take place and she just had to pick some fresh flowers for the bride. The look on her face is so great. Such care and concentration on the job at hand 🙂

So many times candid shots of children are the best. When you force them to pose you get nothing, but follow them around and let them be themselves gets the best results.

That's why we always use two photographers at a wedding. While one is working with the main event, the other is able to hunt for these great candid moments.

Using just the right equipment is important too. A long telephone lens in this case allows the photographer to be further away and leave the girl totally unaware of being photographed. This lens also does a great job of compressing the background and blurring it nicely keeping just the subject and her flowers in sharp focus.

Girl picking flowers

But the important thing here is the story. Just by looking at the image you know what's going on. You can guess almost everything about the situation and eye contact is not important here.

These are the moments parents cherish for life. The images you want on the wall to bring pleasure to your day every time your eyes glance upon the image. Looking at photo albums is fine. Having images on your iPad is fine. Keeping images in a box is fine. But nothing replaces the joy you get every day from a nice wall portrait.


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