Your Professional Image – The What and Why and I’ll show you How

More and more your headshot helps to define your personal brand. With sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more, who and what you are is defined by your personality. And talk about exposure! Today your image is seen everywhere. Ten years ago it was hardly seen at all.

Sudbury Professional Business Portraits

Fig. 1

This creates some exciting opportunities. They're there for you to take, and if you don't, your competition will be happy to. The opportunity? - To capitalize on the new way people buy goods and services.

Nobody wants to hear a sales message anymore. They want top get to know people first, and then maybe they'll buy the product you have. To them, it feels like they're talking and buying from a friend - A trusted adviser. They feel confidant about their decision, and happy to make the deal.

So your image is all part of the process, but not in itself the entire story. Your entire message has to be based on that principle of selling. The image just carries it through. This picture labelled Fig. 1 conveys a feeling. Look at it for a moment. If you had to guess, what profession would you think this man is in?

Most people guess author or consultant. He looks the part. Well, in fact you're right in a way, he's an actor that gets cast that way. In fact, most actors need headshots that accomplish exactly that. To define the types of roles they're suited for.

Business people of all sorts can convey exactly the right message in their headshot as well. Check out these professionals below.

Sudbury business headshot


Sudbury business headshot


Sudbury business headshot


Sudbury business headshot


Sudbury business headshot


Sudbury business headshot


So when your image tells half the story, all you have to do is follow up with the rest.

Planning your headshot takes some thinking. You determine your message, you consider a studio or an on location shoot. You think about wardrobe, sometimes even professional hair and makeup. After all, your image is your life. Your competition already know this, and what you want to do is kick their butt!

When you've put a a professional headshot, and your competition put out a selfie taken on a cell phone, who do you think is going to get the call?

So how much should you spend on a professional headshot? Prices vary widely, but think about this. In most areas of life you get what you pay for. There's always a photographer that will work cheap, and that's about what you'll get. In professional circles, prices will start about $250 - $500. That's not for a snapshot taking 10 minutes, but a real shoot. In some markets like New York City, prices can go as high as $1500. But that's New York for you.

Think of the fee as an investment rather than an expense. Your new briefcase will not bring you in any new business, but your headshot certainly will.

So how do you go about getting this done? First, call your photographer. Set an appointment for a week or two out. This gives you time to get ready. Talk about planning, what backgrounds they have, if they go on location, and so on. Look at their online portfilio. Do you like the work?

Next decide on wardrobe. Usually avoid white. It pulls the eye away from the face. Solid colors always work well. Darker colors look more professional, while brighter colors look younger and happier. This about the message you want to implant in the viewers mind. plan on three to four changes. For ladies, avoid sleeveless or cap sleeves. A jacket always looks professional.

If there are valid reasons to have the shoot done on location then wardrobe might change. If you're an engineer and you want a shoot done on your new job site, you may want entirely different wardrobe changes.

After the shoot what is it you need? Today, most business people need digital files more than hardcopy prints, although hardcopies are always great to give to your spouse. You need files that will look great on LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter etc. Your company website should have one as well, and of course, you may want it on your business cards as well. So you should ask for both print resolution, and mobile resolution files.

In some cases, you may want your image for other purposes like ads, promotions, and so on. An art director may want you on a plain background so they can drop in a different background in a layout they're working on, so we even can provide images with a built in Clipping path. You may not know what that is, but your art director will love it!

You need to shop around of course, but I hope you'll check out our site here at and feel free to give us a call for a free consultation.

Don't wait. Start building your personal brand today.

Thanks again

Kerry Allan


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